My experiences as a website designer

I started last Saturday after a discussion with my daughter in law who said I was capable. After three days of sitting at the computer and falling out with the bar to change the font size on each new addition I was about ready to bang my head against the wall. I refrained from doing so. I did ask her to check and mark out of ten. I received a five and no star so back to the computer to work my way through all of the corrections I had been told I needed to do. All of my moans about the time I was spending fell on deaf ears. I carried on with reluctance and finally, yesterday, she told me she had checked it all and I would pass muster.

To anybody out there, (in my imagination the internet is a wide road with people sitting at their computers lining both sides and stretching into infinity) who is embarking on the journey I have had trying to organise and design the website, I wish you well. (Especially if you are as lacking in technical savvy as me). Good luck!

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