'The Ring', book four in The Finder Series is finally released.

Finally, after being jokingly nicknamed, 'the lockdown book' I can announce 'The Ring' is available to buy on Amazon.co.uk from Wednesday 23rd September 2020. Huge thanks are to be given to the Publishers, YPS in York, who have worked tirelessly throughout the last months from their respective homes.

I really enjoyed researching and writing this one, (editing not so much but editing is a real chore for any writer). I am so lucky with my illustrator, Stuart Trotter, who just gets what is in my mind from the text I send him. He cleverly portrays almost immediately what I imagine, such a clever and talented man . I am sure you would agree with me it looks pretty spectacular. It hopefully makes you want to know what a pretty sapphire ring is doing in that pile of sand. Who does it belong to? Who is the soldier driving the jeep? Where in the world is this taking place and at what time?

Anybody who has read my books will recognise something of the author being shown in the main protagonist from the number of questions above. Remain curious. Questions need to be answered.

Hopefully when you read 'The Ring' you will have many questions regarding the main characters and while I am currently writing book five, 'The Pen' and have plans for books six and seven, 'The Seal' and finally, 'The Crystal', I am aware my job as the author is answering all of these questions for you as we travel these journey's together. I will endeavour to do this. I have to share with you that as a writer you dream about your characters, and I recently woke at five am with the final sentence for book seven, 'The Crystal' in my mind, as clear as the daylight that was streaming in through the curtains. I keep a notebook and pen beside my bed for such moments. That one sentence, is now captured and will conclude the series with a final flourish of explanation. I will say no more.

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