Feeling miserable, unable to write and missing the kids.

It is the time of year when I would normally be packing, travelling to the UK to do school visits to talk to children about the importance of writing. This year because of the threat of getting Coronavirus and lack of travel this will not be happening. Stuck at home, unable to concentrate on writing and feeling a bit miserable as haven't hugged my grandchildren for months. I can normally last six weeks. It has been over ten now.

I get waves of anxiety, waves of loneliness and waves of misery. I walk my dog when this happens as it helps. I look at the greenery around me and listen to the birds singing. Since lock down the birds are all singing much louder than they used to, the bees too seem to be getting more noisy.

I am missing my children, ha, children, they are mature adults with families of their own but I still look at them as if they were still small and needing my mothering. Don't think this will ever stop, they will get to fifty and I will still need them to need me. Don't tell them that though.

Had a wonderful review posted on Amazon which gave me a lift. Someone called Pete. He wrote that The Letter 'cleverly incorporates history' and 'was an amazing story from start to finish'. Bless Pete, he gave it five stars. Love getting reviews but unfortunately many people are too busy to spend a few minutes to give authors a sometimes very needed lift.

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