Finished final reading of printed book four, 'The Ring' posting off to the publisher tomorrow.

It's been a long haul this Covid lockdown. Taken me almost four months to read the latest offering in The Finder Series but it's done, all fifty three thousand plus words. I have been feeling stranded, like so many writers, we have struggled with the images we have seen on the TV and reading the awful life experiences of so many on social media. Writing, so easy before, has been difficult all due to the brain being filled with worry about loved ones.

Things here in France have quietened down, we still wear masks when visiting anywhere but can have up to ten people visit, as long as they social distance one and a half metres. It works. We had friends round for a cup of tea and a chat and thoroughly enjoyed being almost normal again.

So tomorrow, I will visit the local Post Office, in my mask and waiting outside for the girl to open the door to let me in when it's my turn. I will post off book four to York. I will then wait for the receipt of arrival and will announce when it will be available on Amazon and Waterstones. It is a different read, a wee bit darker than the other books, travelling in 1330 in the Middle East was full of danger. The Mission of an Arabian Princess to be rescued from a cruel father and a ring to be returned to it's owner.

Marco Polo and Ibn Batutta became real in my imagination, their meeting and taking part together in the rescue of Princess Amira and our girl's part in the adventure was interesting to write and kept me out of mischief for a good few months.

Now, having used my writing time during lock down on research, I move on to the writing of Book Five - 'The Pen' belonging to Lewis Carroll and Victorian England in 1850 when he was a young man of eighteen. So looking forward to where this writing journey and mission will take me, so wish me luck!

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