A wife, mother to three wonderful sons and grandmother to two beautiful grand daughters and a fun loving grandson. Having a love of books since my own childhood I have passed that love of reading down to the last two generations. 

Whilst living in the Middle East due to my husband's work, I found the time to write children's books from an idea based on my own childhood experience, when, aged ten and fishing in a local stream, I found a shield in the silt. I chose to put it back. My first story grew from what could have happened if I had kept it.

From the initial book the second grew and the third and the fourth completed and awaiting release. I have planned ideas for the fifth, sixth and the seventh, which will close the series.  


Writing is an exciting new road to be on. I am currently planning to take secondary characters from Book Two, 'The Miniature' to places as yet still in my imagination.  (I have a title, 'When Two Worlds Collide' and will write more on this story when I have further details).  Currently living in France where I sit, after walking my dog, in my kitchen, with a pot of coffee and a beautiful view out of my window, and I write.  No doubt where I live is a wonderful place to be a writer.

Please feel free to Email me at: CJBentleyauthorfinderseries@aol.com

(I would love to hear what you think about my stories).